February 12-15: Education Week, Believe and Achieve
February 12-15: Kindness Week
Monday: Rainbow Day
Tuesday: Red, pink, white Day
Wednesday: Valentines, dress Valentiny
Thursday: Spy Day
February 16 and 19: No School, Winter Break
February 21: Recycling Blitz
February 28: Class Field trip to The Rooms
March 9: Dinner and Auction, see details in newsletter. Come one come all

WASTE-LESS WEDNESDAY: every Wednesday we are encouraging the children to create little to no garbage. This can be accomplished through the use of reusable containers for all food items.
FRUITY FRIDAY: The children are encouraged to bring at least one piece of fruit for snack on Fridays

*Please check agendas daily for any important information
*GYM: Days 2,4,7       MUSIC: Days 1,5       LIBRARY: Day 6
*Donations of Kleenex and wipes greatly appreciated