50/50 TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Draw December 20 at Family Movie Night. $10 per ticket for a chance to win $10,000

December 17-21: 5 Days of Christmas begins: 
Monday: Create a Christmas card
Tuesday:  Christmas story time
Wednesday: Jingle Bell walk at 1:30
Thursday: Christmas Bingo at 1:45 and Family movie at 6 pm and 50/50 draw
Friday: Red/Green day, dismissal at 12:30
December 19: 
*Recycling Blitz
*Kevin Major Author visit: Bring your copy of House of Wooden Santa's to be signed. Cost $5
*Christmas Potluck: Menus to go home next week
December 21: Last Day of Classes. Merry Christmas.
January 7: Return from break. Day 6
January 14: school wide skating
January 16: Recycling Blitz

FYI Pizza is now 1.50 per slice

WASTE-LESS WEDNESDAY: every Wednesday we are encouraging the children to create little to no garbage. This can be accomplished through the use of reusable containers for all food items.
FRUITY FRIDAY: The children are encouraged to bring at least one piece of fruit for snack on Fridays

*Please check agendas daily for any important information
*GYM: Days 2,4,7       MUSIC: Days 1,5       LIBRARY: Day 6
*Donations of Kleenex and wipes greatly appreciated